20 Mtr High Speed With Ethernet Gold HDMI Cable V1.4

  • $93.50

So, you need a HDMI cable to connect your AV Receiver to your TV or maybe you want to run a cable from your Foxtel box inside to an outdoor TV.

What we have here is a length starting from 1 Meter and going all the way up to 20 Meters.

All these HDMI cables are High Speed with Ethernet so if you're into the Technical Specs and what it means they can do is just below.


HDMI Ethernet Channel: In other words you won't need to connect an Ethernet cable to the device as long as your TV is connected to the internet.

Audio Return Channel: (ARC) is how it is usually shown on devices. This means the Audio signal can run between devices in both directions eliminating the need for an extra Audio cable.

3D Support: For those who still enjoy the immersive quality of 3D

4K x 2K Resolution: Support of Video Signals up to and including 3840x2160 @ 30Hz



Please Note: All devices need to be capable of these features for for them to work together.